KIMANIS set out to fulfil one purpose: to create amazing flavours for snack lovers no matter where they are!

Since our first chips over 30 years ago, supreme quality has remained at the centre of every recipe we’ve done. And we’re still as flavourful as the day we first started. Not surprising when you’ve as obsessed as we are about sourcing for the best ingredients, the most delicious tastes and the craziest aromas.

With an established presence across local markets, KIMANIS has now set its sights on building a fan base across the world. Because what’s the point of having the best snacks and keeping it to ourselves right? Plus, sharing deliciousness is what Malaysians do best! So join the snacking movement that’s taking making life-long fans one crisp at a time.


Kimanis was established to exceed expectations about the goodness of great snack foods. Not just to satiate individual hunger, but also encourage positive feelings centred around happiness, laughter and affection that becomes infinitely more meaningful when shared with loved ones.

This is how we’re impacting the world around us, by delivering superior value that in turn fuels our growth. We’ve set our sights on international expansion and introducing new communities to the flavours that have served our local markets so well.

With integrity and inclusivity, all the while being faithful stewards of the resources entrusted to us, we want to be Malaysia’s ambassadors to the rest of Asia. As one of the fastest growing corners of the globe, we’re harmonizing supply and demand to respond to the taste preferences of consumers across the region.


We understand that culture and flavour preferences can vary greatly across continents, which is why we’ve carefully chosen specific products for each market. Our innovation teams are tasked with keeping a pulse on emerging trends so we may better serve the incredible diversity of food lovers across Africa.

Partnering with select distributors who are equally as passionate about serving their communities, we hope to spread the Kimanis message about respect for unique backgrounds and business sustainability.

Our most immediate goal? To build deeper supplier and customer relationships that will offer all stakeholders a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. To this end, we’ve been recruiting, developing and retaining a diversified group of team members to grow both personally and professionally.


Thanks to our partners, we’ve gained a strong foothold in the Oceania region. As demand for variety and value rises, we’re embracing the opportunity to deliver the highest quality snacks. We’re also acutely aware of lifestyle changes concerning nutrition and taste, so an even closer relationship with our distributors is vital to our ability to serve this populace.

While continuously investing in new snack preparation technologies for tastier and safer products, we’re also constantly reviewing our business portfolio to assemble a greater number of strategic partners.

When snack fans across Oceania think of crisps, we want to be the first brand that comes to mind – not only for our flavours but also our commitment to providing the best snacking experience.