D-Jack Choco Star

D-Jack Choco Star

Brand: D-Jack

Package Weight: 200G

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Origin: Sabah, Malaysia

Certification: HALAL, MeSTI, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 9001:2015


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Who can resist a bowl of creamy, wholesome cereal any time of the day? Crunchy or soggy, chocolate-dusted or honey-dipped, you can always count on a bowl of fuss-free cereal to put you in a good mood. And since studies have shown that breakfast eaters perform better at work or school, you have no excuse to skip on D-Jack’s nutritious goodness! Our super-versatile cereals are now available in family-sized packs to meet all your cravings.


Packing Size Available :

Net Weight 200G
Product Type Cereal
Barcode 9 556622 104066
Package Dimension 260mm (W) X 350mm (H)
Packing Size 200g x 12’s / Carton
Carton Size 483mm x 315mm x 345mm