D-Jack Potato Snack Original

D-Jack Potato Snack Original

Brand: D-Jack

Package Weight: 30G, 100G

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Origin: Sabah, Malaysia

Certification: HALAL, MeSTI, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 9001:2015


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Made 100% from freshly harvested potatoes, each bag of Potato Snack is fully imported from Europe. Perfectly fried for max-crunchiness with real ingredients, enjoy these incredible chips in rich Salted Egg or deep, smoky BBQ. Plus, your hunger pangs will be satisfied guilt-free because Potato Snack contains zero trans fats. But be warned, cos’ they’re absolutely addictive!


Packing Size Available :

Net Weight 30G  



Product Type Potato Snack
Barcode 9 556622 102987
Package Dimension 180mm (W) X 220mm (H)
Packing Size 30g x 10’s x 6 Bags / Carton
Carton Size 570mm x 350mm x 440mm


Net Weight 100G  




Product Type Potato Snack
Barcode 9 556622 104240
Package Dimension 210mm (W) X 270mm (H)
Packing Size 100g x 24’s  / Carton
Carton Size 500mm x 335mm x 425mm