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potato snack
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Made 100% from freshly harvested potatoes, each bag of Potato Snack is fully imported from Europe. Perfectly fried for Max-crunchiness with real ingredients, you can now enjoy these incredible chips in rich Salted Egg or deep, smoky BBQ. Plus, your hunger pangs will be satisfied guilt-Free because Potato Snack contains zero trans fats. But be warned, cos ‘they’re absolutely addictive!

If you have a permanent love for crackling finger foods, Angry Bite chips are for you. They are made exclusively from high-quality Australian wheat flour. Spiced in big, bold Flavours and a touch of salt to tingle your taste buds, Angry Bite crisps are set to become a Firm-favourite at parties or movie nights. Made with zero trans-fat, just make sure you keep several bags handy to please the pickiest of snackers!


Who can resist a bowl of creamy, wholesome cereal any time of the day? Crunchy or soggy, chocolate-dusted or honey-dipped, you can always count on a bowl of Fuss-free cereal to put you in a good mood. And since studies have shown that breakfast eaters perform better at work or school, you have no excuse to skip on D-Jack’s nutritious goodness! Our super-versatile cereals are now available in family-sized packs to meet all your cravings.


Biscuit Stick Gratify your appetite with these light and brittle biscuit sticks. These delicious bites will tempt you with just a glance! Available in spicy and original Flavours, you can have them on their own or sprinkle your favourite seasonings like parmesan cheese, garlic powder or oregano. You can bet they’re enjoyable from start to finish!

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An irresistible kopitiam-specialty, Kimanis White Coffee sachets promise a warm buttery aroma to complement its silky-smooth mouthfeel. Precisely balancing sweet and savoury, our signature Instant Premix is made from margarine-toasted beans procured from traditional roasters.

cinta sayang2
cinta sayang

encapsulates our earliest and happiest snacking memories. Choose from three classic crunchies – Cinta Sayang, Chichibo or G.G. Stick. These all-time Favourites are the best party appetisers. Essential Flavours include savoury chicken, sweet and briny prawn, tangy BBQ, and sweet-corn salties. Throw them into a bowl and you’ll have more than enough variety to keep a party munching all night.


Yearning for a light and cheesy snack? Have the urge to chomp on tangy puffs fried to golden perfection? ZeeZee’s extra crispy snacks are the best way to go. Take your pick of flavours like salty cheese, savoury chicken, tasty potato, prawn and yummy rice sticks, and you’ll have no choice but to finish the whole packet. And the next ones too!

Representing the best of traditional Malaysian snacks, these are the crispy bites we all grew up with. Satisfyingly savoury thanks to our insistence on the freshest ingredients, these beloved classics are a welcomed sight in any snack bowl.