has been in the snack food manufacturing business ever since 1987. An experienced and dynamic company who committed to provide quality product to Malaysian. We began with a single product but has consistently grown to our current variety range with more than 40 products and the number is ever growing. With the value and knowledge that we dominate in the snack food processing technology, we have established our brands, D-Jack and Jimbo in the snack food market.


We take pride in preserving old fashioned methods that prioritise quality. To create authentic crunchiness bite after bite, we begin by sourcing for the best raw ingredients. Then we make sure every step of the production process is monitored to ensure safety and quality. Yes, we want to be known for our range of satisfyingly savoury flavours, but we also hope you will find our passion for excellence in every bag of chips and crisps too.


An industry – innovator in foodservice solution, we’re committed to a simple yet profound vision – to create happiness for the people that purchase our products. We do this by ensuring each snack and beverage consistently delivers on flavours and freshness. This is our guiding principle and the basis that informs our growth as a company.